Avengers 919

Avengers 919

So lithiumlaughter aka lithiumaddict has this 919 X-Men AU of gender-swapped amazingness, and I’m telling you it. is. amazing. And along she comes on a prompting day on my LJ/website and asks me for 919 with Well, maybe later. Not yet. OR Clint Barton with Like an old comfortable coat that is tattered and torn… I took one look and thought, I need to do both. Together. May I hereby present: Avengers 919.

Avengers Movieverse

Written and posted with permission from universe creator as above. Marvel owns what they own. Lithiumlaughter owns the sandbox. And I get to play. :grins:

Hedge Your Bets

1549 words

Collie Barton is comfortable with what she does and with being an archer in a sniper’s world. Then she gets Nikolai Romanoff as a target.

And written by lithiumlaughter:

TITLE: Got Lost Again
FANDOM: Avengers 919
CHARACTERS: Nikolai 'Atrax' Romanoff, Colleen 'Hawkeye' Barton
RATING:  Teen [Violence, not-so-pleasant memories.]
SUMMARY: The singer ain't got the balls to sell, the stringer's got no jokes to tell. It works if you believe.
AUTHOR’S NOTES: Apparently, there is now an Avengers 919 universe. Who knew. Inspired by scribble_myname and the song "Moodring Band" by Final Fantasy, here you go.

Atrax was, in every sense of the word, home.

TITLE: Something Like Falling (lick my wounds)
FANDOM: Avengers 919
CHARACTERS: Nikolai 'Atrax' Romanoff, Colleen 'Hawkeye' Barton
RATING: Low Teen [References to violence and death.]
SUMMARY: Assassins have their own versions of hangovers and morning afters.
AUTHOR’S NOTES: Because I cannot leave well enough alone, and beating up on Nikolai and Colleen is far too much fun.

Perched on the windowsill of the tenth floor apartment building she and Nikolai were holed up in for this mission, Colleen waited to see the sun rise above the buildings around her.

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