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Today,  I ordered my proof of Dowse and Bleed. I cannot tell you how excited I am. Also, read Kristine Rusch’s post about branding and am thinking of reassessing Vardin’s covers—again. I really do like “Portrait of a Butterfly,” but the rest… :shrugs: It wouldn’t bother me to change them. The covers for Breath are good, I’m pretty sure, even though I don’t keep author placement the same on every single book. I move them about for genre and keep them identical for series. I’ll probably stick to that because I love the Kingdoms and Thorn covers and the Breath covers and don’t really want to change them.

Ideas for Fiction in 2014

I am seriously considering going through When the Clock Chimes and just seeing how many of those stories I can flesh out, but I also want to start finishing what I start and that means the projects on the MyWriteClub screenshot I posted earlier. I’ve also thought about series fiction vs. storyworld fiction for a long time, and I keep side-eyeing following up Dowse and Bleed from the next morning. Not sure any of those are actually good ideas, but ah, well. Uncertainty is fairly typical for me.


Yeah, that thing I’m supposed to do today. Self-discipline is something I need a lot more of, so let’s see what we can do. Be disciplined. Open the document, apply words! I finished the first gift-fic at 1397 words. :throws confetti: She liked it! :throws more confetti:

Ahem. Right. That collaboration. A writer’s work is never done. :shakes head ruefully: And I am woefully behind on it. This is largely because I have it all broken up in Scrivener, which is proving a lot easier for me to deal with something so big and uneven. (Uneven because my collaborator tends to flesh out her work when she writes, and I tend to flesh it out a lot later.)


So I paused when I got home (due to feeling pretty sick) and read, in this case, Delirium and Agony by Susan Kaye Quinn. This is research. I've wanted to write a season-style fiction series for a while and this is one I want to read.

Writing Again

So two scenes popped into my head while I was in the kitchen because I kept thinking I didn't want Splintered Gates to be just a romance to me, and then I was thinking give me plot and I got a denouement snippet and a major climactic event type snippet and wrote both when I got back to my tablet. 244 words. I seem to sketch more on the tablet and do full fleshed-out writing on the desktop. Need to work on that.

And unfortunately, a return of sickish feeling reminds me of the need to finish catching up on sleep, so I'm going to stop. I stopped making progress ten minutes ago anyway.

Word Count

  • Fiction: 1065 words
  • Poetry: 0 words, 0 lines
  • Blog: 528 words


  • Today: 821 words
  • Total: 1397 words

Splintered Gates

  • Today: 244 words
  • Total: 2001 words


  • Today: 0 words
  • Total: 56,380 words

January Totals

  • Fiction: 5058 words
  • Poetry: 212 words | 45 lines
  • Blog: 4258 words

Completed Pieces

  • Poem: "Before My Eyes," 220 words | 47 lines.
  • Fanfic: "Mistakes," 1397 words.
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