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I didn’t intend to write 63 insignificant blog post words first, but I felt I owed it to you all to say why I didn’t do a daily scribble report or, for that matter, daily scribbles at all.

May I simply advise you that if your operating system ever has issues, flatten the whole thing and start from scratch. While my computer has had a productive life since that whole issue a few years back, it has also been fritzy and, at times, dangerously unstable.


So I started out tweaking the typesetting for Dowse and Bleed. In mass market size, the spacing suddenly becomes a lot more important than in trade, so I needed a little more than hyphenation to please me. I discovered that you can reduce the font size of the spaces in a line, which modifies justification without messing with line height or font spacing between letters, just words. Needless to say, this is a wonderful tool, though it also has limits, e.g. no more than a four point reduction and preferably only one or two.

Got back a testimonial to Jason Anderson, my formatter for the ebook versions who did a fabulous job. Growled umentionables at my test series bible site which won’t let me log in to add the style guide and series bible information from Dowse and Bleed.


My brain wouldn’t settle down for reading yet, any reading, so I’ll save that for the evening or tomorrow if I’m too exhausted tonight to do more than fall into bed.


Hold the presses! The proof arrived! Wow. I like it, though the cover is quite a bit darker than I expected, and I'm seeing a couple of tweaks. Oh, so exciting. I'll have to update the files. I wasn't going to finalize the mass market 'til I saw how my file did for the trade.


Ahem. So not counting blog words for the no-scribble days simply because I can get away with it.

To all a good evening!

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