Headdesk Equals Scribbling?

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So yesterday was nothing but :headdesk: and today was quite productive. I thought it wouldn't be because I... um... :coughs: read a book this morning into the wee hours again. I know I need to stop, but it just keeps happening. Anyways, it was Open Minds by Susan Kaye Quinn, and it was very, very good.


Finished a decent draft of metadata for Dowse and Bleed and finished hyphenating and PDFing the file. I might actually get this baby out in January. :prays that it will be so:


First, I hammered away at Splintered Gates, choosing to do so on computer instead of tablet simply because that's where my file with all the original notes was. I had this realization I was in the wrong tense and suddenly I thought I could do something with this. I dumped most of what I had and went from 2239 words to 558 words, then scribbled. And got somewhere. This is good.

I decided randomly I wanted to write a poem today. I wrote three-fourths of a poem, scrapped it, then wandered through my WIP file. I added a couple snippets to Lovemark the Seasons and paragraphed a scene on my way through then stopped at two lines of poetry that had come to me ages ago and given me nothing else besides. I wrote the poem.

Happy Belated Yuletide

Otherwise known as fanfic. I am intimidated by my source material. Full stop. Hint to the scribbler: pick another character. Working... This requires immersion reading. See you on the other side of the flood, 'kay, y'all?

Note: That means tomorrow.

Word Count

  • Fiction: 602 words
  • Poetry: 212 words, 45 lines
  • Blog: 300 words

Splintered Gates

  • Today: 470 words
  • Total: 1028 words


  • Today: 0 words
  • Total: 55,978 words

Completed Pieces

  • Poem: "Before My Eyes," 220 words | 47 lines.

January Totals

  • Fiction: 2287 words
  • Poetry: 212 words | 45 lines
  • Blog: 1973 words
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