And Here We Go Again...

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It's nice to get back to prompts, in essence, and start picking up some of my prompt backlog on both sides of the fence. Did a lot of WIP work that didn't translate into finished pieces yet and also finished some stuff. Yay me.

Original Fiction — 1787 words completed

  1. Kingdoms and Thorn: "3 Times Meld Was There for Someone Else and 1 Time Someone Else Was There for Him," 1263 words
  2. Collaboration: "A Helping Hand," 337 words
  3. Kingdoms and Thorn: "Teammates," 187 words

Fanfiction — 1237 words completed

  1. The Unusuals: The Art of Fine Dining, 168 words
  2. X-Men/Roswell: It's Always the Tabasco Sauce, 320 words
  3. MCU: Avengers Team Dinner, 212 words
  4. MCU: Food for Mere Mortals, 130 words
  5. X-Men: Does a Breakfast Make, 121 words
  6. Nashville: In Her Shadow, 136 words
  7. The Unusuals: The Little Things We Do for Each Other, 150 words

July 2014 Totals

  • Original Fiction: 1 short story, 4 ficlets, 2539 words
  • Fanfiction: 15 ficlets, 2499 words
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