Frantically Writing Before Its November, October 29

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So I had a rude awakening this morning when I realized it's almost November. Here goes.

And there goes 1478 words to wrap up the Justus fic. I hate having written it out, but I hope you like it, thecatisacritic. It's your own fault you asked.

Edited the collab piece to 397 words from 133. Added another 231 words after talking to thecatisacritic. And another 229 after evening prayer.

In between, I filled out another prompt for why Storm made Red Wolf leader. Truth is, I expected a different piece to come out, the one I'd originally imagined with Maker and that had a broader perspective and more about Red Wolf, but this came out instead, raw and under the surface of why Storm was angry about making Red Wolf leader, which was something different.

Starting in on "Everything is Blood" at 1029 words. I looked it over and didn't actually have to toss anything I already had but couldn't think of how to bridge from point A to point B. I love this fic, and I hate it. A lot.

Skipping that... I think I'm going to quit and update if I write more later. So I promised an update. I sketched and scribbled on some index cards.


  • Fiction: 2868 words - Month to Date: 34,318 words
  • Blog: 215 words - Month to Date: 9,760 words
  • Nonfiction: 0 words - Month to Date: 362 words

365 Challenge

  • 237–238/365 – Kingdoms and Thorn: A Time to Die – 3740 words
  • 239/365 – Kingdoms and Thorn Ficlet: Hard Decisions – 543 words
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