Asking for Reader Feedback on the Blog

So I've been blogging for a while now and I'm starting to find a rhythm I like, but I'd still rather make sure my readers and friends like it too.

So I discovered that my poll plugin is broken. (I got your answer to the first question only, Rabia.) :growls: So here goes on simply asking:

  1. What is your favorite kind of post?
  2. Do I post too often, too infrequent, on too many topics, too few topics, or just right?
  3. Is there any kind of post you'd rather not read?
  4. Would you like to see more of any kind of posts? Fiction prompts? Any category or theme?

And last but not least, is there any way you think I could do better?

What do you think of this post?
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2 Responses to Asking for Reader Feedback on the Blog

  1. Rabia says:

    I'm going to expand on my votes in the comments. I love what you have to say about creativity, writing, and publishing (but creativity in general best). I enjoy your fiction, with a particular fondness for your myths and legends.

    And I'm not into fandoms of any sort (sorry) so I don't get into those posts all that much. But I don't think you should stop posting about them by any means! They mean a lot to you and probably to others in the fandom, and I'm learning a lot about different kinds of audiences by what you have to say about fandoms.

    I love your site. It's visually very clean and organized and I always get a happy feeling when I see a post from you pop up in my RSS feed. I generally run a day or two behind in reading the fiction, but that's because I have to wait until I get to a peaceful place in my day so I can enjoy it.

    • Liana Mir says:

      Thanks for the feedback. It's good to know what's working and what's not and what people like best. And I do that with most online fiction too, wait until the right time to read it. Hm... Gave me lots of thinkyness.

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